designed to get you in front of engaged couples.

Because we're not a fan of huge directory websites... and neither are engaged couples! 

(well, at least the ones who can afford to hire an experienced professional like you)

We get it.


You're tired of throwing your money away on something that's only sending you unqualified couples. 


You don't want to be 1 out of 10,000 anymore. 


You're not a fan of hearing that couples shouldn't hire you- from the places where you're investing your hard earned dollars. 


You get inquiries from listings with the wedding giants, but no bookings- because you've reached the (successful) point in your business where you're actually charging what you're worth. 


You want to actually get something for the money you're paying. 






It's time for something DIFFERENT. 



Something MORE than a directory listing. 

Something where you will STAND OUT. 

Something that tells couples to HIRE you. 

Something that has couples who can AFFORD to hire you.

Something that will HELP your business in the long term. 

This is exactly why I created

The V List

A marketing and exposure membership service,

designed to get you in front of engaged couples. 

What's included?


    to the ELD audience, who are couples using pros and planning a wedding with a budget of $25-30k or more.


    where you can connect with other pros, participate in exposure activities, & more!


    as we now only publish our V List Members to provide you with the most exposure possible!


    Including live virtual events, V School Sessions, and real-time data from our couple surveys!


    included with the Marketing Membership- $2000+ value alone!



    positioning you as an expert and providing you with SEO benefits.

From the beginning, The V List has been a continuous pillar in our marketing and advertising. ELD's approach to reaching engaged couples is a no-brainer for any professional wedding vendor looking to tap into a new, qualified market.

Rudy & Marta Photography

V List Marketing Membership

Ongoing exposure is what is necessary to be noticed in today's world. 


A V List Membership provides you with publicity and exposure that puts you in front of Every Last Detail's audience of brides and grooms.


Oh, and we also establish relationships with our audience, frequently resulting in giving couples 1-on-1 vendor recommendations! 


More About #VListMemberPerks

  • Publicity & Exposure

    With a focus on educating couples, we create content that will feature your work and position you as the expert that you are. 


    Members with a Marketing Membership receive quarterly social media posts on ELD Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts, linking directly to the member's website.  (An a la carte value of over $3000!) 



  • Targeted

    We will be the first to tell you that ELD’s audience may not be in the millions, but it is TARGETED to the couple who is hiring professionals. 


    Every Last Detail’s educational and editorial content is targeted to a specific type of couple- the Premium to Luxury Couple. These couples are spending over $25,000 on their wedding and are hiring professionals. 


  • Education & Insights

    Our newest addition to V List Membership! 


    V School Sessions are bi-monthly educational sessions focusing on marketing and business topics, presented by experts in various fields. 


    Members also have access to our Couple Insights, the poll and survey data collected from our audience of engaged and recently married couples. 

  • Community

    The V List community connects you with other professionals all around the country and gives you exclusive access to the ELD Team. 


    As a part of this community, you will also receive access to members-only resources to help you better your business. Referrals, discussion, educational events, and virtual networking are just a few of the perks that come with a V List Membership.


  • Exclusive

    With The V List, you aren’t one in a sea of a million others. You are one in an exclusive group of the BEST wedding professionals in the country.


    All members are vetted and verified, taking into consideration quality of work, time in business, client reviews, and brand presence. To maintain exclusivity, we have a limited number of members for each location and vendor type. 


  • Members-Only Publication

    To ensure that we are providing our members with the most exposure possible, we only accept submissions and publish features that include our V List Members


    This allows us to share our members' work not just on the day of publish, but for weeks, months, sometimes even years after the original publication. 

Find the V List Membership that’s right for you.

Payment plan options are available for every membership!


Exposure & Education

  • Profile on Every Last Detail

  • Editorial Exclusivity

  • Free Access to Educational Events

  • Members Only FB Group

  • Weekly Instagram Poll Data  

  • Direct recommendation to couples

  • Monthly Exposure Opportunities

  • 4 Instagram Posts per year    

  • 4 Facebook Posts per year

  • 4 Pinterest Posts per year

  • *Minimum number of posts included with membership... but we're known for doing WAY more! ;) 


or $33/month annually


Most Popular

  • Profile on Every Last Detail

  • Editorial Exclusivity

  • Free Access to Educational Events

  • Members Only FB Group

  • Weekly Instagram Poll Data 

  • Direct recommendation to couples

  • Ongoing Exposure Opportunities

  • 4 Instagram Posts per year*    

  • 4 Facebook Posts per year*

  • 4 Pinterest Posts per year*

  • *Minimum number of posts included with membership... but we're known for doing WAY more! ;) 


or $62/month annually


I have found the exposure on social media (particularly Instagram) and all the education have given more life back into my business. I definitely feel this makes more sense for marketing dollars than any of the other "listings" I've been a part of. I highly recommend joining the V List. I've been a member since December and have never been happier.

Karen Collins, KMC Weddings

V List Marketing Membership


Keeping your marketing efforts active, connecting you with couples, and HELPING you are the things we're passionate about at Every Last Detail.


Just being 1 of 1000 listings on a website doesn't work anymore- after all, there are thousands of them out there! 


Couples today are using a combination of social media, search engines, websites, and word of mouth to find their vendors. Instead of relying on a listing that just sits there stagnant, we actively work to provide you with exposure that will get you in front of couples.


Which is why we have designed our V List Membership to be all about EXPOSURE.


Our goal is to provide you with multiple Expert Exposure Opportunities that will get you in front of engaged couples, while positioning you as an expert.


Educational blog posts, editorial features, and social media posts are among the #vlistmemberperks that come with membership. See below for the full list of perks for each level of membership.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • Q: Do you have a specific number of professionals you like to have in each category, or does it vary based on city?

    A: I do limit the number of vendors in each location and vendor category. My max for each type and location depends on the location’s traffic, but the typical range is 5-10 per vendor type. 

  • Q: For the education events, where are those held, and how often?

    A: V School Sessions take place online, currently via FB Live inside of our Member Facebook Group. Currently they are occurring 2 times per month, and the videos are available to watch in our FB Group, as well as in our Member Portal. 

  • Q: I don't see any vendors listed in my location. Why is that?

    A: This is actually a GOOD thing! It means that you would be the ONLY vendor listed for your location! 


    No (or few) vendors listed in a location (or vendor type) does not mean anything in particular. In fact, some of our most highly trafficked locations don't have any vendors! Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask about your location.

  • Q: How can I be one of your recommended vendors?

    A: Join The V List! ;) There is a bit more to this though, because the different levels of membership include different perks.


    In a nutshell: You can get recommended to couples and participate in Exposure Opportunities with an Editorial Membership. And you can get the previously mentioned perks plus social media posts highlighting your business with a Marketing Membership!

  • Q: What is the difference between the Editorial Membership and the Marketing Membership?

    A: The biggest difference between the two memberships is social media exposure. The Marketing Membership includes posts on Every Last Detail's social platforms.

  • Q: For the Marketing Membership, is there a specific number of posts/shares/Insta Stories included?

    A: Yes. For the marketing membership, there is a minimum of 1 post per platform each quarter. Broken down even further, it's 1 post on Instagram, Pinterest, and FB every 3 months for a total of 4 posts on each platform. (And it can be more than that on Insta if you're really good about using our hashtag!) 


    In terms of Insta Stories, those are done in more of an organic nature, typically based on the usage of the member hashtag, mentioning ELD in your Story, or DMing posts directly to us so we can share. (At least until the ability to automate Stories happens!)


    And for all social shares, we make sure to link back to YOUR website, because we want to send potential clients directly to you! 

  • Q: Is there a specific style that you are drawn to for posting?

    A: There isn't a specific style of imagery that I'm drawn to, but I do try to stick to sharing the images that engaged couples resonate with (and search) most- details, wedding dresses, flowers, etc. With that considered, I do maintain an aesthetic pattern in my Instagram feed, so imagery choices typically are in line with where the pattern is at the time. 

Don't you think it's time that you actually get something for the money you spend to market your business?

Connecting couples with amazing wedding professionals is my passion and my job.


I would be honored to have you as one of those professionals!




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